Workhorse Products Newsletter – March 2023

Hello Printers! We are excited to be sending you our 2023 Q1 Newsletter! In this issue, we’ll be covering our 6 Top Reasons why upgrading to an automatic press could benefit your business. Whether it’s saving time and money or improving accuracy and efficiently, see what automating your shop could do for you. If you missed the ISS Long Beach show in January, be sure to check out our social media channels for highlights along with interviews from industry professionals. You’ll see we even managed to mix in a little fun along the way! As always, our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed and engaged with our print community. We value your feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think. 6 [...]

Workhorse Products Newsletter – December 2022

Hello Printers! We are excited to be sending you our first e-newsletter! Some of you may know us well and some maybe just getting to know us, but, either way, welcome back or welcome! Moving forward, we are implementing some changes to how we connect with our customers. One of these is sharing our new quarterly newsletter with you. In these, you’ll find relevant news and information relevant to the screen printing industry. Through these newsletters, we aim to provide valuable knowledge that you can use to bring further success to your screen printing business. As such, we welcome input from you – our valued customers – so if there is a topic you’d like to see covered in a future newsletter, please contact us! If you would prefer our newsletters and emails to be sent to an alternate email, please contact us, [...]

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