Powerhouse Series II

The Powerhouse Series II Dryer cures plastisol and water-based ink systems as well as other evaporative cured inks at industrial rated production speeds. The control center is managed via a user-friendly touch screen tablet. The advanced air handling system now offers a powerful and controllable air flow that is easily matched to your ink system. With various sizes available for any production requirement this is the perfect choice for your next dryer.

  • Cures plastisol, water-based, discharge, and other evaporative cured inks
  • Advanced air flow and air handling
  • Adjustable height heating elements
  • Multiple configurations available to fit any shop
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Powerhouse Series II



Infrared Panel Heating Elements

Powered by electricity, the heating chamber is capable of curing any ink.

Touch Screen Tablet Control

Operating on the Workhorse OS the tablet allows for easy control of belt speed, temperature, and monitoring production cost per hour.


Adjustable Exhaust

Easily adjust air circulation and exhaust settings for multiple curing needs.