Powerhouse Quartz Dryers

Quartz technology makes the difference. Our claim to fame with the Powerhouse series is our true understanding of Infrared energy, its emission, and how it affects different materials. Our Quartz technology provides near instant-on capabilities for curing plastisols. With warm up times in seconds and not minutes, it’s no wonder shop owners look to us for higher productivity. Simply put, the quartz technology in the Powerhouse Series provides a more uniform cure; even on shirts that are not perfectly flat.

  • 4-point belt tracking makes it easy to setup your dryer and extends belt life
  • Optional add-on in feed and out feed facilitates garment loading and unloading
  • Adjustable oven doors help to retain oven temperature
  • Removable oven hood provides easy access for regular cleaning
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Powerhouse Quartz Dryer



Digital Control Center

The Powerhouse uses state-of-the-art electronics and solid state components to accurately manage temperature and belt speed.

Powerhouse-Quartz 360 degree energy emission

360 Degree Infrared Energy Emission

The Powerhouse provides the most uniform cure with it’s 180-degree radiant pattern of emission, reflectors, and efficient convection system.

Powerhouse Quartz Oven Exhaust

Built In Accessible Exhaust

The exhaust comes standard with the Powerhouse, giving the ability to release smoke, odor and heat outside of the building.