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Workhorse Products Newsletter – March 2023

Hello Printers! We are excited to be sending you our 2023 Q1 Newsletter! In this issue, we’ll be covering our 6 Top Reasons why upgrading to an automatic press could benefit your business. Whether it’s saving time and money or improving accuracy and efficiently, see what automating your shop could do for you. If you missed the ISS Long Beach show in January, be sure to check out our social media channels for highlights along with interviews from industry professionals. You’ll see we even managed to mix in a little fun along the way! As always, our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed and engaged with our print community. We value your feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think. 6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to an Automatic Press When the time comes to purchase your first automatic press, many considerations contribute to your decision. It is important to weigh these factors and the impacts they may or may not have on your business and your options to purchase. In this article, we will share 6 reasons to automate your shop, some of the most common concerns we hear about doing so, and the benefits and advantages that automation provides for your printing business. Business Growth As your business grows, you may find that you need more production, more employees, or want to expand into new markets. Whatever the case may be, automation can help with growth. For your expansion plans, you may need to develop new product offerings or explore new methods of printing. Automation enables you to produce a wider range of designs and unique products. It also gives your business the ability to transition between designs quickly and easily, as well as print applications and processes, making you more responsive to customer demands. Automating your shop allows you to scale operations more efficiently, which will help you tap into new markets, reach new customers, provide a better work environment, and even get you home to your family sooner. Automated presses will help you align your business for larger, more complex orders, and position it for long-term growth and success. Shop Productivity Most growth scenarios involve the need for both increased production and output. One of the primary benefits of automating your business is the increase of production capacity and being able to do so efficiently. Automated presses produce more prints in less time than manual printing, with the ability to produce up to 500-1000 shirts per hour. This allows you to take on larger, more complex orders with less time and effort required to complete the job. Automated presses will fulfill orders faster, reduce your lead times, and improve the delivery times to your customers. Quality of Print Automatic presses provide greater accuracy and consistency in the printing process, resulting in higher-quality [...]

Workhorse Products Newsletter – December 2022

Hello Printers! We are excited to be sending you our first e-newsletter! Some of you may know us well and some maybe just getting to know us, but, either way, welcome back or welcome! Moving forward, we are implementing some changes to how we connect with our customers. One of these is sharing our new quarterly newsletter with you. In these, you’ll find relevant news and information relevant to the screen printing industry. Through these newsletters, we aim to provide valuable knowledge that you can use to bring further success to your screen printing business. As such, we welcome input from you – our valued customers – so if there is a topic you’d like to see covered in a future newsletter, please contact us! If you would prefer our newsletters and emails to be sent to an alternate email, please contact us, and we will update our information. And if you find the information interesting or valuable, we invite you to please share it with and forward it to your friends and colleagues in the industry. Of course, if you don’t want to receive these emails, you can choose to unsubscribe below… but we hope you’ll stick around, because we have so much interesting information and many useful articles planned for future newsletters! In this edition of our newsletter, we are sharing a brief article based on a customer’s question, highlighting some of the advantages of LED Exposure units, as well as some of the fascinating history of this industry we all love – screen printing. We are excited about the changes being implemented and are looking forward to connecting and sharing with you! The Workhorse Products family would like to wish Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all our customers, partners, and friends! Ask The Experts At Workhorse Products Q: I am considering upgrading my exposure unit to LED. What are the advantages of LED compared to non-LED units in the marketplace? A: LED exposure units continue to be sought after technology because of the many advantages they offer. Let’s take a closer look. Advantages: LED units power up instantly, therefore, no warm-up time is needed. Non-LED units have to warm up before they are fully functional. For this reason, many shops leave it on all day so there is no wait time before each use. LEDs are ‘instant on’ and ‘instant off’, yet no power is consumed between each usage. This also lessens its overall power consumption. Lower energy consumption means LED units are more efficient to operate on a daily basis. You’ll enjoy energy savings on electricity use and be doing your part by using a more ‘green’ solution. LED units require little to no maintenance and use long-lasting bulbs that do not fade or weaken over time (unlike traditional bulbs). Also, with an LED machine, [...]

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